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I've been a professional Portrait Photographer since 2009. I've photographed Dubai's business leaders for the Financial Times, London, at the top of skycrapers,  children in schools in Kyrgystan, 50 Cent in a hotel and Gary Rhodes in his kitchens. I recently moved back to Dorset after 15 years abroad and I'm really enjoying meeting Dorset's movers and shakers. 

I am well known for my detail oriented, creative, vibrant, and emotive portraits.  Whether you're looking for a series of studio headshots of employees, an evocative environmental portrait showing your workspace, or strong and dramatically lit portraiture I can meet your brief.

I'd love to hear what you need. What are your goals? What message do you want to send? What are the values and vision of your business? If you're not sure, I can work with you to figure it out and ensure your end result is exactly what you want. You can get in touch with me using my contact form.

Much of my feedback is that clients are surprised by how much they enjoyed our shoot. Often people are nervous or don't like the way they look in photos. There's nothing better than a client saying 'Wow! I actually really like that photo of myself!'. I think it's so important that we're proud of images we put out into the world, whether on social media or in marketing materials. The more we like an image, the more confident we are to use it. So I work really hard to make sure my clients feel relaxed, and then take beautiful shots that they love.

What kind of Portrait do you need?

What is a Headshot?

·     A close up photograph emphasising the person's eyes, often cropping above the forehead and at the neck

·     Ideal for Linkedin and social media profiles

·     Conveys your professionalism

·     Takes 10-15 minutes per person

·     One simple location/background

·     Ideal for teams, departments or across the whole organisation.

·     The photo needs to be close up as it will often be fairly small and viewed on a phone. 

What is a Corporate Portrait?

·     A head and shoulders portrait with emphasis on the personality of the subject being portrayed.

·     For Executives and Entrepreneurs

·     For a wide variety of uses, including press releases, marketing materials and digital use.

·     A selection of portraits in different styles and locations

·     Creative editorial options designed to appeal widely to press for greater coverage

·     Takes approx. 1 hour per person

What is an Environmental Portrait?

·     An environmental portrait is a wide shot of the sitter in their personal environment, whether at work, home or doing their hobby, often doing something but looking at the camera.

·     Businesses use environmental portraits to tell the story of their endeavours

·     For editorial teams to accompany reporting

·     They tell a much broader story than a corporate portrait without the need for words. We should learn a lot about the subject through one image.

How can I organise a Portrait shoot with you?

Let's chat! Because each portrait shoot is unique and has different requirements, I will create a package that works for each client. Whether you need a shoot for 100 employees over 2 days, or you're looking to update your Linkedin headshot, shoot me an email and I'll put a quote together for you. My studio is currently under construction (hopefully finished by the summer!), but I can create a studio backdrop nearly anywhere or shoot on location. Fill out the form below or give me a call for more details.

Get in touch with Amelia on 07706 945730 to discuss your Portrait Photography requirements or complete the form below

Tips for achieving your best business headshot

I always strive to get the best portraits for my clients but there are some things you can do to make sure your photo is the best it can be. 

1.    Get a good night’s sleep and hydrate.

A good night’s sleep is the first step to a great portrait. Not only will you look more rested but you’ll bring more energy to the shoot and it may reduce nerves. If you do arrive to the office tired try to schedule your portrait for the afternoon. Tired eyes and dehydrated skin are best avoided!

2.       Choose the right clothes

Wearing something you feel confident in will really help you look self-assured in the shot. What you wear should reflect the industry you work in. . For formal offices where a suit and tie is required for men or similar for women just make sure that everything is clean and crisp. Stripes and checks are best avoided. Ensure nothing is too tight to avoid gaping around shirt buttons! And for women close fitting is preferable to baggy as it's generally more flattering.

For more casual offices or other environments avoid clothes with logos or anything that might date the images. Remember you may use the images for a couple of years. That said, if you’re working in a creative industry be brave! Let your personality shine through your clothes and stand out.

3.       Glasses

It’s up to you if you wear your glasses or not. We can do with and without. I will take care of any reflections from the flash.

4.       Posing

Portraits which will sit together as a set look best when the posing is similar. (Here’s an example of where we might break the rules!) I will advise you on posing and we’ll make sure we get a wide variety of facial expressions. Whilst I love a warm, friendly and joyful smiling portrait that’s no good next to a bad news story in the press! We’ll consider what story you want to convey.

5.       Check the mirror!

Brush your hair and make sure it’s out of your face. Check your teeth and give your eyebrows a quick tidy up. Check all your buttons are in place, zips done up and your collar is straight! I can organise a makeup artist if you require.

6.       Relax and have fun!

I know, easier said than done! The majority of my clients feel a little apprehensive at the beginning of the shoot, but within a few minutes are relaxed and enjoying it. I’m friendly and approachable and do everything I can to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience, as well as getting that perfect shot.

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